Anne Burnett

Associate Head of School

303-440-7520 ext. 104

Anne Burnett has a Bachelor of Arts in Geology and a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science from Oberlin College. She has a Master of Arts in Journalism/Mass Communication from the University of Colorado. She also completed thesis work and degree emphasis at the Center for Environmental Journalism and has earned Licensure in Secondary Science Education and an Endorsement in English from Metropolitan State College of Denver.

Anne has 22 years teaching in the field as an instructor, course director, program director, field educator, consultant, trainer, and search and rescue volunteer trainer for Outward Bound; NOLS; NatureBridge (Yosemite Institute, Olympic Park Institute, and more); Audubon; National Geographic; Monterey Bay Aquarium; and Smithsonian's National Museum of National History.

She has taught fourth grade through adult, families, educators, at-risk youth/families, and other educators. She continues to work as an outdoor school designer, curriculum engineer, and leadership consultant for the North American Association for Environmental Educators and Outward Bound USA. She is a field science Guest Lecturer for Stanford University Graduate School of Education, as well. She was also named Earth Science Teacher of the Year in 2009 in Colorado. Before coming to Watershed School, Anne was the Interim High School Director, School Designer and Academic Dean at Tahoe Expedition Academy, North Lake Tahoe, California. She has 22 years experience in education, eighteen years with Outward Bound and ten years as a freelance editor and journalist.

Anne has worked and lived in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Mexico, Taiwan, Canada (West Coast of Vancouver Island), Cuba, Greece, Italy, France and has traveled to Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Bali, Belize, all over the UK, Tasmania, Mongolia, Argentina, Chile, and Peru. 

Anne is a fourth-generation Colorado native who loves to move on any toys on any state of water (kayak, canoe, SUP, surf, tele-ski, alpine ski, XC ski, backcountry ski, sled... ANYTHING). She loves long, dirty, sloggy adventures, from through-hiking the Annapurna Circuit to paddling the Yukon to open water swimming the E-W Boundary Waters route along the US/Canada border. As she gets older and manages her laundry list of well-earned injuries, she finds she still loves long adventures inclusive of teahouses and layover stays with wonderful people. When she can't possibly escape for two or more weeks, she enjoys authoring sci-fi/fantasy novels with her dad; planning adventures with her partner, friends and family; and spending time with her two ridiculously cute dogs, Maddy and Lewis.