Working at Watershed means being part of a creative, collaborative community of educators.

The words "I've always done it this way" don't work here. Teachers who want to shut the door and do their own thing aren't a good fit. When you teach at Watershed, you're expected to build on other's ideas and share the best lessons you've learned in the classroom. You'll teach in a team and offer feedback on every piece of curriculum in the school. At Watershed, we are always open to learning, and always open to growing through failure. We were founded on a commitment to best practices and we work to make it happen every day.

The school supports this relentless commitment to innovation with robust access to professional learning, structured collaboration, and time to prepare.

Our teachers have three weeks of paid work time - for professional development or simply for course prep - in the middle of the school year. While students are off on vacation or engaging in intensive courses led by outside organizations, our teachers are on-campus planning curriculum, providing feedback to each other, and learning new skills.

The Watershed Expedition to the Future of Learning generously funds professional development and travel to conferences, and your contract year will end with the national Traverse event, which brings national innovators in education right to Watershed's campus. Our teachers present at Traverse annually, and a commitment to sharing what you've learned is a core expectation for our faculty.

As an independent school, we do not need to adhere to Common Core or multiple choice standardized tests. We make our own decisions about curriculum, as a community of educators, based on research-based best practices.

If this excites you - in the heart-racing sense of the term - then we encourage you to apply. For the right teacher, there's nowhere else in the country they'd rather be.

You know you’re working in a special place when you not only find yourself side-by-side with your students, learning and exploring together, but you come to a point where a student launches forward and is suddenly teaching you.
— Jeff Osgood, Humanities Educator

salary and benefits

Salaries are competitive with other independent schools in Colorado. Full-time employees earn contributions to medical/dental/vision insurance, long-term disability insurance (LTD), and a 5% school match to a 403(b) retirement plan. Employees working 30+ hours/week are eligible for 50% tuition remission for children. Teachers receive standard vacations (9 weeks in summer plus 5 weeks during the year), while administrative employees receive take a July break plus school holidays during the year.

Our teachers enjoy a supportive and collegial work environment, dress comfortably, and enjoy close student relationships. Plus, if your dog plays well with others, he or she is welcome to come to work with you.

Working at Watershed feels like you’re part of something bigger than yourself. It feels like we are doing something different, something important. Each day feels new and feels as if anything can happen. There is an electricity in the air and it’s powered by the exchange of ideas.
— Taylor Replane, Art Educator

Full Time Teaching Positions

desired qualifications FOR FUll-time teachers

  • Successful experience teaching a rigorous curriculum in a project-based classroom is a must.
  • Advanced work (e.g. graduate school or research) in your discipline is highly desirable.
  • Interdisciplinary teaching experience is highly desirable.
  • International travel and/or trip leadership experience is highly desirable.
  • Outdoor education experience is highly desirable.
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate and work effectively as part of a team.
  • A proven track record of professional learning, willingness to try new things, demonstrate agility and empathy, and the ability to learn through failure.
  • WFA certification will be required for full-time middle school educators before the first day of work. WFR certification will be required for full-time high school educators before the first day of work. The right candidate can earn this certification after an offer is accepted, before arriving to school.

Watershed teachers must be available to travel during the school year, such as Wilderness/Orientation, May Term, and expedition trips during the semester.


Position starts August 8, 2018.

Watershed seeks a full-time high school science educator to teach in our expedition program. This teacher will collaborate with a Humanities Educator to lead one interdisciplinary expedition each semester. Our interdisciplinary expeditions investigate one overarching question, such as "What does it mean to be human?" through multiple disciplinary lenses in a team-taught format. Expedition courses require educators who bring a student-centered, constructivist pedagogy as well as experience in leading off-campus field work (including overnight field work.) Expedition courses run either 140 minutes or 180 minutes every day. An ability to teach physical science and/or engineering at a high school, college preparatory level, and within an interdisciplinary, thematic approach, is strongly desired. 

In addition to leading the expedition course, the successful candidate will be expected to lead one high school advisory, lead a club or seminar course, participate in weekly community meetings and Intramurals, lead a Wilderness course and a one-month intensive May Term course. Wilderness experience and an ability to lead international travel in primitive conditions is required.

Please see "Desired Qualifications for Full Time Educators" above for more position requirements.

To apply, send a resume and cover letter to Greg Bamford, Head of School, at greg [at]


Position starts September 4, 2018.

Watershed seeks a part-time high school Spanish educator to teach in our program. This educator will teach three Spanish courses daily, typically with two distinct preps, between 8:10am-11:15am Monday-Friday. Our Spanish teachers are expected to teach with a student-centered, project-based format that prizes an ability to design experiences that connect course material to real-world challenges. Being a Spanish educator at Watershed also means collaborating with the Spanish team to ensure a logical scope and sequence of curriculum.

The ability to successfully plan and lead international travel is a desired qualification for this role. If asked to lead international programs during our May Term program, an additional contract will be offered for additional compensation.

To apply, send a resume and cover letter to Greg Bamford, Head of School, at greg [at]


Watershed is seeking a creative, hands-on teacher to develop and lead a coding/engineering class for our students. The right candidate will have the freedom to develop an original curriculum leading students through real-world challenges in our flexible IDEAS Kitchen space. Leveraging our existing set of SparkFun Inventor’s Kits is encouraged.

To apply, submit a resume and cover letter to Head of School Greg Bamford at greg [at] NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.

1 class daily, 10:20-11:15am, September-December. Pay $3830/semester.


Watershed is seeking a creative, hands-on teacher to develop and lead a dance/movement class that will capture the imagination of creative students with no background in dance and the normal amount of adolescent concern about looking foolish in front of others. The right candidate will have the freedom to develop an original curriculum leading students in our small performing arts rehearsal space with wood floors.

To apply, submit a resume and cover letter to Head of School Greg Bamford at greg [at] NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.

1 class daily, 8:10am-9:15am, September-December. Pay $3830/semester.

At Watershed, I can teach in the best way I know how.
— Hannah Nelson, Science Educator

to apply

To apply for any position, please e-mail a resume and cover letter to Head of School Greg Bamford at greg [at] PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL.