May Term is a unique, month-long course that integrates in-depth study of a complex topic with overnight travel across the country and the world. 6th graders begin with engaging regional trips and gradually advance to our high school global study program. 

middle school 

Students in 6th grade take a shorter trip in the American West to explore history and science in the field. Visits to sites like Mesa Verde or Tetons Science School allow students to experience increased freedom while connecting academic content to in-depth inquiry in the field.

In 7th grade, students start to venture further afield, such as a course on creativity that eventually takes students to San Francisco where they visit Maker Faire and explore the arts and innovation sectors of Silicon Valley.

In 8th grade, students participate in a "Passages" course that stretches their leadership skills and focuses on preparation for a rigorous college preparatory experience. This course typically has a service component, such as to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, to help students understand the reality of privilege and their place in a diverse world.

All travel costs are included in our base tuition and fees.

high school global STUDY

Every high school student at Watershed has the opportunity to encounter global cultures, challenges, and opportunities in a rich May Term global study program.

High school May Term focuses on history and global issues, with the goal of developing truly open-minded global citizens ready to take on the world's greatest challenges. Program sites include a variety of domestic and international locations that offer a global perspective on current issues. Current program sites are in Guatemala, Cambodia, Peru, Nicaragua, China, and Hawaii. New program sites are often in development as new global challenges emerge.

High school May Term courses vary from year to year. In 2017-2018, high school students selected from the following May Term courses:

  • Spanish Language and Cultural Immersion (Guatemala).
  • China in the 21st Century (China).
  • Island and Marine Ecology and Field Science (Hawaii- Big Island).
  • Arctic Culture and Science Research (Iceland)

We find that students are more motivated to master a foreign language when they have traveled abroad, and global travel is one way that we bring real-world learning to our language program. High school students should expect to travel to Latin America with intensive May Term courses that integrate with our Spanish language program as a graduation requirement.

All travel costs are included in our base tuition and fees.