Watershed prepares students to take on college-level work and the world's greatest challenges. When you graduate, you'll be ready for what's next.

100% of Watershed graduates earn admission to college. More importantly, Watershed graduates are ready to take on life's great challenges outside campus walls. By creating original work across multiple disciplines, both as individuals and as part of a team - including small businesses, construction projects, and service programs - Watershed graduates leave ready to do meaningful work and make the world a better place.

“Watershed will foster terrific confidence in its students and allow them to develop great academic agility and a deep interest in learning. While we see students applying from nearly 4000 high schools each year, the majority of them feed into a sea of normalcy that defines many applicant pools—Watershed is one of those few that will stand-out.”

— Matthew Hyde, Assistant Director of Admissions, Tufts University

support throughout the college process

Watershed’s college counseling program is designed to support each student in finding their “best fit” college. Authenticity and support lies at the heart of this focus. Colleges want unique people with character, passions, and direction. We help students find, foster, and communicate this through college searches, interviews, applications, and decisions. We also follow up with each and every college to communicate the unique strengths of our graduates.


  • Attend Watershed’s College Fair
  • Focus on academic success and personal interests
  • Find a balance with future planning and consistent academic success
  • Make summer plans, such as internships, jobs, and volunteerism, to pursue interests in depth


  • Attend Watershed’s College Fair
  • Take the PSAT at Watershed in October
  • SAT/ACT prep course starts every week in the spring
  • Get involved in activities that interest you
  • Continue actively pursuing interests in the summer
  • Be aware of graduation requirements and plan


  • Attend Watershed’s College Fair
  • SAT/ACT prep course continues every week in the fall
  • Take the SAT and ACT in the spring (more than once)
  • College visits (can be structured during February or April Intensive Weeks)
  • Junior Institute weekly in the spring helps students sort through your college list
  • Envision life beyond high school


  • Attend Watershed’s College Fair
  • Take the SAT and ACT once more if needed
  • Finalize college list
  • Seek out scholarships
  • Interview with colleges
  • Senior Institute weekly in the fall walks students through the college application process, essays, interview tips, and applying for scholarships

college admissions

100% of Watershed School graduates have been accepted into colleges and universities. 

For a sample list of college acceptances click here.