We think learning from the real world works better than learning from a textbook.

We spark adventure and wonder.

The right applicant is:

  • Curious about the world

  • Eager to go off campus

  • Mature enough to work independently

  • Ready for overnight trips away from home

  • Able to adapt to new situations

WE foster inquiry and community. 

The right applicant is:

  • Able to ask good questions

  • Willing to have their initial ideas challenged

  • More interested in creating a new answer than being told the "right" answer

  • Able to show social intelligence, self-control, and empathy in a group

  • Open to the give and take of collaboration

We build the character and ability to take on the world’s greatest challenges.

The right applicant is:

  • Open to conversations about character as well as academic progress

  • Willing to give and receive meaningful feedback

  • Eager to do real, hands-on work

  • Ready to be challenged by the expectations of a college preparatory program

  • Excited about making the world a better place