Sara Russell

Science Educator

Sara earned a BS in Biology from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis and a Graduate Certificate in Advanced Science Instruction from Colorado State University. Sara has worked as a science educator with students of all ages and backgrounds for a variety of schools and science education organizations in California, Wyoming, Alaska, Minnesota, and Colorado. A desire to develop rigorous experiential science curriculum brought Sara to Watershed.  She has worked as an instructor for both NOLS and Where There Be Dragons, as well as an Environmental Educator with Call of the Sea, Children's Maritime Foundation, Center For Alaskan Coastal Studies, and Great Lakes Aquarium.

She is passionate about the natural world and strives to incorporate the story of the Earth into all subjects she teaches.

Sara grew up on the icy shores of Lake Superior and is proud to call Duluth, Minnesota her hometown. A love of the outdoors, science, and education eventually led her to beautiful Boulder, Colorado as a science educator at Watershed School.  Outside of the classroom, Sara seeks a balance of fun and purpose. She is a passionate about health and enjoys human-powered adventure including trail running, climbing, yoga, bike touring, and skiing. In addition to the outdoors, Sara is also a voracious reader, plays the ukelele, loves to travel, has an active meditation practice, and has a keen interest in development and globilzation, particularly its intersection with education. When she’s not in Boulder, she is visiting her wonderful family in Anchorage, Alaska.