The best way to understand Watershed is to experience it up close. Schedule your visit today.


Our goal in the Admissions Office is not to ‘sell’ Watershed School to you, but rather to provide you the opportunity to access all the information you need to make the best decision for your child and family. Your visit to campus will take you past the glossy photos on the website to what makes Watershed unique: the sense of community, our focus on relationships, and engaging real-world academics that prepares students for the challenges of a rapidly changing world. These tenets are at the center of a Watershed education.

**If you would prefer a private tour contact:



A student shadow visit at Watershed School is the starting point for a great future. Shadow visitors are paired with a host and become familiar with the school by attending classes, eating lunch with classmates and going to any school-wide events taking place on the day of the visit.

Students may choose to shadow on more then one occasion. At least one shadow visitation is required for application.

Please note that all shadow visits must complete the Shadow Visitor Release. 

**In order to maintain a high quality experience, space is limited to 2 visiting students per grade level.



The Program Preview starts with our standard Information Session, but provides the additional opportunity to experience a mini-lesson from one of our educators. Program Previews have a set agenda and typically last 90 minutes. It is appropriate, and recommended, for students to attend the Program Preview with their parents. The morning will wrap up with an opportunity for participants to Q&A with educators, current parents & students, the Director of Admissions, as well as the Head of School.  RSVP required.


On Wednesday evening, November 9th, we will present an overview of the High School curriculum, answer questions about academics, graduation requirements, college institute, international travel and community features. We will wrap up the evening with a Q&A panel consisting of high school teachers, current students and parents, the Director of Admissions, our College Counselor, and the Head of School to give you the insider's view on attending High School at Watershed.


As Boulder's only 6-12 independent school, Watershed middle school students experience a seamless transition to high school without the need to go on a new round of tours and applications in 8th grade. On Tuesday evening, November 15th visit our campus to learn more about how Watershed introduces middle school students to a new level of character development and academic challenge in preparation for our high school program. Our students are learning by "doing," and as a result, they gain a deeper more conceptual understanding of the lessons. As they take on each new challenge and experience, our teachers and fellow students help build character and support every step of the way.

Festival of Arts and Intellectual Reflections (FAir): (6:00 - 8:30PM)

The Festival of Arts is a celebration of learning that allows students to reflect, analyze and synthesize their coursework from the semester.  Students work collaboratively to design the format of their FAIR presentations and take full ownership of the planning, design and execution.  They grapple with how best to teach what they know and to engage a diverse audience in understanding and examining the essential question that underpinned their studies.  A great opportunity to see first hand what and how students are learning at Watershed.

Fall FAIR:  12/15  Spring FAIR: 4/20


Please join some of our current parents for a casual morning or evening gathering.  A great way to get to know members of our community and ask for the 'insiders' view of Watershed School. Morning gatherings will be directly following a.m. drop off at a local coffee shop and the evenings are for coffee & dessert at a current parent's home.