Many families need assistance in order to make it possible to invest in a Watershed education. While we expect all families to contribute to the cost of our program, roughly 40% of Watershed families benefit from Financial Assistance that helps to bridge the gap. If financial concerns are the barrier to applying for admission, we encourage you to apply for Financial Assistance.

how to apply for financial assistance

STEP 1: smartaid ApplicatioN

Watershed School utilizes the SmartAid application system. 

Click on this LINK to begin the process. Detailed instructions and frequently asked questions may be viewed or downloaded through the 'Flexible Tuition Instructions' provided below.

Please note that it may take up to 2 weeks for your application and supporting tax documents to be processed. We suggest beginning the process well in advance of the school's deadline.


STEP 2: Financial assistance Committee Review

Each application will be reviewed by the Financial Assistance Committee, which grants aid on the basis of demonstrated financial need and the availability of funds. The Committee must balance the family’s ability to pay tuition against standards that ensure equitable distribution of awards. Award decisions are based on the SMARTAID assessment and factors such as income, assets, extenuating circumstances and a demonstrated commitment to a Watershed School education.

other forms of financial assistance

Merit Grants

In addition to need based financial assistance, there are merit grants available. Merit grants are awarded to new students based on the expectation of being an exemplary student (academic and citizenship) who brings an extraordinary quality to the Watershed School community. Merit grants are awarded to students who have a realistic expectation of paying tuition without the grant in future years, but with financial assistance.

Educational Loans

Sallie Mae – the nation’s leading provider of private student loans – to offer loans to families who are pursuing financial aid options. To learn more about Sallie Mae educational loans, please visit the Sallie Mae K-12 Family Education Loan website. The Watershed School code is 607491.